Frozen Food

It is one hot day!  In the last few hours it jumped from 88 to 100!!!  YUCK- that is not even fun!  I kind of just want to lay flat spread eagle on the floor of our basement and drink 18 Gallons of water.

It was actually nice to go to work today because they keep our building pretty cool and yet at the same time I don’t have to worry about paying the bill for the air conditioning!

It is also perfect weather to eat frozen blueberries!  They are just so yummy and cool.  I will admit that I have been enjoying a bowl of frozen berries.  Antioxidants really hit the spot- or maybe it was the cold…

I have also enjoyed frozen banana’s and frozen grapes in the past to starve off (or maybe feed) the heat.  I also love frozen green peas- is that weird?  I am not sure I have ever dug into the frozen corn or frozen spinach- maybe someday.

However I did not start the day eating frozen blueberries.  I started my day with a bowl of Greek yogurt, some strawberries and a little bit of cereal sprinkled on top.  It really hit the spot on the still cool day.


Lunch was also amazing.  I had a hummus and cucumber (the new cucumber sandwich) on some good old fashion sour dough bread!  Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are totally out.  Cucumber and hummus sandwiches are totally in!


On the side I enjoyed an apple and cinnamon and a sweet potato.


Now what should I do for my workout today?  HMMM


Happy Hot Thursday




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