Working for the weekend

I believe this song is actually about working to live it up on the weekend.  I, however, am working this weekend.  Friday through Monday

I started my work week out early at 5:00

Yep my work shoes have seen better days.

It was hot when I woke up so a cool breakfast totally hit the spot

That would be vanilla yogurt with strawberries and granola!  YUMMMM OHH

then it was work for the next 6 hours… but time flew by because of podcasts!

Lunch was simple and packed- little creativity when into this one

A PB and J on a english muffin, cottage cheese, a peach, and a chocolate chip cookie (and maybe two more when I got home- I know -I know- this little sleep thing zapped my will power).

SO Podcasts

I Love Podcasts.  My favorite include anything from NPR (I laugh out loud to wait wait don’t tell me) anything in the quick and dirty tips category- Nutrition Diva is really great, and I just found Librivox.

I am currently listening to Persuasion by Jane Austen from Librivox and have to say I am loving it!  Librivox offers all kinds of free classics that can be downloaded one chapter at a time.  While I may not take on Summa Theologica (which I did actually have to read part of in college), I do like the idea of passing the miles to Uncle Toms Cabin or The Jungle.  Those classics I always said I would read but can honestly tell you I never took on.

What are your favorite Podcasts?



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