Father’s Day Gift for the original Hipster

I am in bloomington right now (the town I did my DPD aka dietetic education) because I had to pick up my night guard.  I confess…  I am a teeth grinder- NOT GOOD.  If I could give one piece of advice to a brand new college student it would be don’t grind your teeth.  Okay so maybe it’s out of your control.

Before I left I had a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit

While I am in the “big city” I am on a hunt for a Fathers day gift.

If you have ever met my Father you know he is about the least materealist man you could ever meet.  I once recieved a text from a good friend informing me that she had just seen my dad in orange Crocs, tall gray socks, bright orange shorts, a bright pink tea shirt, and a white cowboy he.  YEP!Just picture that for a minute.  That’s why we love him…

Once when explaining Hipsters to him he claimed he was the original hipster because he really doesn’t worry about what people think….  it made us all laugh so hard!

Please excuse how uncomfortable I look in the above picture.  

Oh and my Dad actually looks really put together in the above picture- but lets be honest my Mom dressed him 🙂

So getting my Father a gift is actually really hard.

My go to gift

A life is good t-shirt.  He wears t-shirts all the time in different levels of wear.  The ones he can wear out of the house, the ones he can wear to work, and the ones that are not allowed to be worn out of the house and really need to be made into rags.

Plus life is good t-shirts are the perfect soft cotton.

What do you good gift ideas do you have for your Father?



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