Pizza Party

How was your day?  Mine was actually really productive!  I cleaned out my closet, did some yoga, went through a ton of old magazines, made dinner and took the dog for a walk.

I also made a longer to do list…  Seems when I am in a productive mood I can always come up with about 15 other things that need to be done.  However, some of those things include dropping off two large bags at Good Will and one large bag at a consignment store.

OH Productivity

The day started with a bowl of cereal and some fruit salad.  The fruit salad was SO amazing and I decided to have a second bowl (well actually mug) of fruit.

Then it was closet organizing, laundry, and going through old magazines.  Sorry but my lunch looked exactly the same, as yesterday so I did not bother to take a picture…

Dinner, however, was a fun!  It started with an idea from an old Health magazine I found with a recipe for Arugula Pesto, Ricotta, and Smoked Mozzarella Pizza.  However, our little town grocery store does not have Arugula so I used kale and we did not have mozzarella so I used Farmers Cheese.  I topped the Pizza with a little salt and pepper, Parmesan, and some basil.

It was amazing!  I totally recommend you try this recipe!  My family really enjoyed it.

The salad was also worth talking about.  My parents got some peaches at the store today and I made a salad with spinach, pecans, and Parmesan.


While the cleaning (aka purging) was not a blast, it was fun to find this cool new recipe to try out!  I actually found a lot of new recipes to try!  I’ll keep you posted.

Now, if only I can get my phones switched and working…


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