Feet Up

AHHH it feels so good to put my feet up!  I spent a lot of time on them today!


It all started at 5:30 when my alarm clock informed me that it was time to get up and meet a group of fellow runners to run.  I am naturally a morning person and I love the feeling of “getting a lot done” so starting the day at 6:00 with a 10 mile run is a treat.


In college we used to meet at 6 or 6:30 to run almost every Saturday.  I feel like that is so anti college…  However, I loved it.  I loved the runs.  I loved the company.  I just plain loved it.  Sometimes we would have breakfast after.


Do you enjoy early morning workouts?


Before the run I grabbed a banana and a double shot of black tea.


The ten miles literally flew buy.  The pace was little slower than my natural pace but the company was unbeatable.


When I got home I took a really really fast shower and headed into church.  I made a fast egg sandwich for the car

And then headed straight from church to work.

Lunch was tuna salad made with Greek yogurt, a sweet pickle, and a carrot.  I also had a red pepper and some sweet sugar snap peas.

However, the 10 mile run made it a perfect time to enjoy a little chocolate!

Have a great week



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