Sweet Pea

Oh Sweet Pea Won’t you dance with me, won’t you be my girl

Just thought you would like to take a quick trip back in time to 1950 when the world was innocent.

Actually Sweet Pea is the perfect theme because it is playing a role twice in my post.

First because I have a very cool trip planned to Asheville North Carolina with my friend Christen and we are planning to stay in the Sweet Pea Hostel.  Christen will be taking her PT exam (GASP) and I will simply be checking out my new neck of the woods.

When my friends studied abroad they stayed in Hostels in Europe and LOVED it.  I, however, was unable to study abroad so I missed out on this opportunity.  To be honest, until Christen emailed me about staying in the hostel, I had no idea there were hostels in the US.

However, with a little bit of research I leaned that there are hostels in a lot of the cities in the South East I would like to visit including Charleston South Carolina, Savannah Georgia, and Charlottesville Virginia!  However, the Sweet Pea looks like it is the cutest and cleanest (from pictures).

Have you ever stayed in a hostel in the US?  Do you have any suggestions for a new be?


We had no milk this morning (darn 20 year old brother- drinks milk like water) so breakfast had to be milk free (oh and we are also out of oatmeal…).  My Mom mixed up some amazing Banana Pancakes that totally beat out any option that would have required milk!

Now the second time sweet peas come into play!

They are growing up a storm in the garden and I do not mind!  While picking the sweet peas from the vine I think I ate half!  YUUUUMMM

Lunch was inspired by the sweet peas (those that I did not eat), some imitation crabmeat my Mom and I got at Sams (double YUM), and the need for some vegetables!

A salad of greens, pear, imitation crabmeat, and sweet peas with a little dressing

While we were at Sams we also got these!

I love strawberries but I love blueberries even more!

Well friends, I have a running club this afternoon!  It’s perfect weather and I am looking forward to a nice fast paced run!

Happy Trails



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