Party nail

My little brothers girlfriend taught me what a party nail was over Christmas.  I have been wanting to try it out ever since.

What do you think?

I went with all brown nails and a gold party nail!  It’s fun isn’t it.  I have never actually had a official manicure (someday) but I do enjoy adding a little color myself.  I always feel really adult when I pick a neutral color like brown or town, but the gold adds a lot of fun.

I woke up early this morning, did 20 minutes of yoga, and headed down to the kitchen to find something to nosh on.  Even though it is a cool grey day,  Greek Yogurt was calling my name and I used Maple syrup to spice it up a little.  We are really low on fruit but my family always has apples.

After breakfast I read, painted my nails, wrote cards, and convinced my little brother to do something he never ever does with me.

Go for a run.

He set the pace and we set out with the dog to get 4 easy miles in.  I rounded out my workout with a full body circuit from Fitness Perks (Love her workouts!).

While I was doing my circuit I could hear my stomach talking and I knew It was time for some more fuel.  My parents had baked fish last night and their was some left in the fridge!  Who could resist that?

Baked fish and a salad for me

Well I am off to blow dry my hair and watch The Prefontaine Classic.  I love when track and field is on TV!  For me it’s the second best thing to watch on TV.  My favorite would be the Olympics…

I’ll be back with an update from the wedding



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