Downton Abbey

Have you seen Downton Abbey?  I am IN love with the show.

The house, the costumes, and the characters.  I am just about to finish the second season and it is amazing.  It’s such a soap opera.  So many love stories… so much struggle.  I won’t say a lot, maybe you will decide to watch it.  But I tell you drama drama drama.

If Matthew and Mary do not get together soon, I swear I will scream.  Matthew makes me swoon!  If only he was real…

Any way check out the show, it is really very good.  If only season three was closer to coming out!


Todays eats were really wonderful!  I love not having to pack my lunches!

For breakfast I had Overnight Oats I mixed up last night

1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup milk, 1/3 cup greek yogurt, and a half of a frozen banana that I reheated in the microwave (becomes banana soup)

With a little honey on top!  It came out kind of like a really soft cookie batter.  YUM

I did blog work this afternoon and decided to get an extra serving of fruit with my coffee

I worked until about 1 and then headed home.  It was cold today and a warm lunch was much needed.  So I used some of the beautiful eggs to make a frittata

sweet potato, mushrooms, spinach, 1 egg, 3 egg whites, and a little cheese with a side of cantaloupe- twas joy in my mouth

and dessert of course


It rained like mad today I took advantage of our treadmill (and Downton Abbey)…  I also did some POP Pilates which I had never done before!  I felt long and lean after my workout!


Well have a great Friday friends



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