Let them Eat Cake

I have a kinda bad confession to inform you all of.  

But first.  It’s HOT in Central IL.  Like the kind of hot you could fry an egg on the cement it’s so Hot.  For the kind of Hot that makes you wish you could find a dark cave and crawl into it.  Or the kind of hot that totally kills your drive to workout.  Yeah about that…..

Along with my 9 hours of work the heat makes me NOT want to work out.  Instead I want to find an iceberg and live on it.  Instead of fighting it I did an hour of a Pilates DVD.  It sort of counted…

Then I dug around in the fridge to find something cold and watery and came up with this


YUMMMMMM!  Sadly the cantalope was not as good as I wanted it to be.  But honey makes all things better!

While I was at it I packed my lunch.  A little something I mixed up last night….  and was off to work.  Remember when I told you I worked as much as I could so I could save as much as I could?  Yeah I am getting a little tired…  But lunch was so wonderful I just repacked the same thing for Tuesday.


That salad looks something like this


This is my quinoa salad go to.   It’s the easiest thing on the plant… basically it must contains quinoa, cilantro, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.  However, then you just open cans and your fridge and freezer and throw in whatever bean or vegetable you have.  This one was garbanzo beans, corn, broccoli, edamame, olives, and red pepper.  

I added in a side of tomato and was good to go.  

And now time for the big confession.  For dinner I did something I don’t usually do…..  I ate this 


Cake Oh Cake…  This is the number one downside to working in a kitchen.  Somethings my will power wins… Other days it does not.  Today was a day it did not…

Oh well, A new day will come 🙂  and a fresh start.  I think I won’t eat cake for dinner 🙂




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